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Dear brothers and sisters,


Our annual conference at Grace church in Toledo is a mere 11 days away. This year we will complete our 5-year vision of the path to genuine discipleship:


Leadership Development
Marriage and Family Life


This year Clay McLean from North Carolina will be our guest speaker for the plenary sessions. As usual we will have an outstanding array of workshops built around our theme.


This will also be a year when the MMC (Missions and Ministry Council) will be doing some serious discussion regarding the future and trajectory of the ARC, so please stand with us in prayer


And in light of that direction for the MMC would you take a few minutes and take a stab at the following questions? It will genuinely help us in our discussions


  1. Who are some people outside the ARC that have been influential in your life?
  2. How has the ARC in general been a help to you on your journey of faith?
  3. What are your hopes for the ARC in the years to come?
  4. What are the 2 or 3 most influential books in your life besides the Bible?


Don’t spend too much energy on this but we would like to get a general feel from you about these things. And, please fill this out whether or not you will be attending the conference


If you could get this done by Monday, April 4, that would be ideal. Send your reflections to me at


Thanks so much for your help and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at the conference.






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