President: Tom Kelby

Tom is a man who loves Jesus and love His word. He is married to Sarah and together they have 3 children. Tom is the former pastor of Cornerstone Church in Spooner, WI. He and Sarah also have a ministry called Hands to the Plow that works with leaders in the USA, Southeast Asia at the current time. He has written several Bible studies and several Preacher Guides to… These are written to be used to build a healthy church and used extensively in his missions work.

He loves the church and has been instrumental in bringing several churches to a healthy place through the application of God’s word. He continues to visit a local prison with several men in the area (large area because this is rural Wisconsin) from different churches. He reaches out to area pastors with a men’s retreat focused on some part of Scripture and how it can change our lives and the lives of those we minister to in our lives.

At Cornerstone Church he was able to raise up some young men who are now moving out into the world to reproduce what they learned from Tom. One of those men has take Tom’s position at Cornerstone and is now serving as its pastor.

Administrator/Secretary: Rick Widener

Rick was born and raised in northern Ohio. He attended a Catholic grade school and a public high school. At Cleveland State University, he received a teaching degree and taught Jr. High for 5 years. It was during this time that he began a personal relationship with Jesus. In 1974 he became a pastoral assistant in a Catholic church and married Joanne Sklenka – what a great day!  They have two children and 6 grandchildren.
After 3 years and direction from God, his small family membered at a charismatic Lutheran church. This church provided the resources for him to attend Ashland Seminary, and in 1987 he graduated with a Masters in Religious Studies.
In 1980, Rick and Joanne started Harvest Christian Church (Christians in Growth, at the time). After 23 years of pastoring there, they found themselves being asked to serve in Brazil. Responding to this call, they spent 4 years working with the ARC churches in Brazil and then returned to the USA. Since that time, Rick has continued his missionary service overseas and domestically, encouraging and supporting current churches and church planters through the ARC.
During the 1990s, he made many missions trips with a group called Barnabas (an annual missions trip that brought people in dance, music, and theater into a program to share the good news of Jesus) and on behalf of the ARC. These trips included time in Europe, Africa, Asia, Cuba, Mexico, and Brazil.
Currently, Rick serves as the Secretary of the ARC. His responsibilities include caring for pastors, handling the ARC finances, overseeing our foreign mission work, working on ARC conferences, and being a grandfather (the best job).