Membership in the ARC

Churches may become members of the ARC association. In doing so, they embrace a set of relationships defined in its two documents: “Common Concerns” and “Common Understandings.”
Leaders may join the ARC individually as Associate Members. Associate Members participate in the pastoral care network and the ARC conferences.
Ministries and missions can also have associate status.

ARC Documents

The document “Common Concerns” defines the call God has put on our lives as churches. Our more basic commitment is to love each other as churches and persons in the name of Jesus Christ… These concerns are the occasion of our coming together; they remain the visible sign of our commitment.
“Common Understandings” deals with extra-local relationships, ordination, licensing, associate status, leadership training, meeting schedules, and allied relationships. This document is not exhaustive; it should be considered a working document.

ARC Courses

Outlines are available for the following courses held in common by the ARC churches:


  • A Normal Christian Life (Growth toward discipleship in Christ)
  • The Apostles’ Creed (Basic Christian doctrine which forms the foundation for belief and practice)
  • Christian Personal Relationships (How to build the kinds of relationships that should characterize us as God’s people)
  • Christian Family Life (Insights on Christian single life, marriage and family life)