Update Your Credentials

Alliance for Renewal Churches

We are leaders of various ARC churches, missions, and ministries committed to the Gospel, the Apostolic faith, one another and the ARC Common Concerns (see ABOUT). We provide pastors and leaders with pastoral care, accountability, and resources so that they can faithfully carry out the call God has placed on their lives.

There are three levels of involvement.


  • Friend is someone who has registered with our site and is interested in the vision and interests that we support. They may be exploring a relationship with us or just exploring.
  • General Church Leadership is some one who is in a leadership position, as defined by their local ARC church. This level is verified by the admin when you first register
  • Licensed by the ARC indicates you have or will be officially licensed through your church or directly by the ARC. This level is verified by the admin when you first register.
  • Ordained by the ARC indicates you are an elder in one of the ARC churches or have received ordination from the ARC for a specific ministry. This level is verified by the admin when you first register.

Please note: Due to legal counsel we are incorporating a fee for new licenses/ordination credentials and for the renewal of these documents. You will receive an ID card with an expiration date (2+ years out) and be reminded of the need to renew your credentials every 2 years. Initial fees for both License and Ordination credentials will be $25.00. (includes your Ministry ID Card)


General Church Leadership

There are no fees or re-enrollment required for this level


ARC License

Licensing Credentials $25.00


ARC Ordination

Ordination Credentials Fee $25.00